Making a Tumblr: Problems

A friend of mine (actually, several of them)¬†told me they were too lazy to check my blog unless it was a tumblr. After shaking my head and saying, “That’s bollocks. How can you be that lazy? I don’t need another blog.” a good deal, I gave in. It’ll import posts from this blog, but it won’t import my twitter posts, which this site does through a sidebar widget. Tumblr claims to have this functionality, but when I try to set it up, I get this page:

As recommended, I’ll try again later, but for now, high five tumblr. You’re off to a great start.

Update: Nope, got it working. However, tumblr’s UI is so painfully basic that I haven’t the least idea what “connecting to twitter” will actually accomplish. Will it read my posts in from twitter? I can only hope so.

Update 2: Tumblr doesn’t pull posts from twitter. Let’s see if it’s able to pull posts from WP.

Update 3: Deleted Tumblr. It didn’t gather twitter posts or WP posts, so what does it serve me?