My name is Max, owner of Sage Marmoset Productions (SaMarProd), a nonprofit firm that, uh, does very little. I’m a college student with too many jobs and too many things on my to-do list, so the firm isn’t exactly getting much done. But they’re moving, because I want them to move.

SaMarProd is working on three projects right now:

  1. Open Source Democracy: raise civic awareness and engagement by creating technology platforms for citizens to translate bills from legalese into plain talk, discuss the bill and its ramifications, and observe its journey through the political landscape.
  2. WikiStudies: eliminate publisher bias and improve peer review by providing a place for researchers to publish and edit their studies, and receive and provide peer reviews. Include systems to track and organize findings.
  3. InternFinder: connect businesses with academic internship programs by providing walkthroughs on each school’s internship process, guidelines for schools on how to set up effective internship programs, and methods for students to find internships at or near their school.

This blog is both my public blog, and the source for any news about the company and its projects, so expect explorations of business philosophy, some politics, and anecdotes from my daily life. For now, though, I need to get back to homework.