On Pride

I got second place in the Bring Your Own Business competition. No one told me in advance 1.) No powerpoints 2.) No taking questions. I still gave the important parts of my pitch, even if most of my resources were invalidated and half of my talking time was sucked up by the faculty advisor of the club asking questions, only to be told he couldn’t, by the club’s president. That said, second place. All things considered, I’ll take that. I went first, which was probably a bad decision, since there were 11 other proposals after mine, including proposals for a nightclub, “munchmallows”, a post-party cleanup service, and “blowyourmoney.com”, which would take an input dollar amount (your budget) and show you what all you could buy with it, given certain constraints such as “I want electronics” or “I want to travel”. It won. Continue reading