Many Hats, Market-Breakers

This is an idea for an umbrella company over my various projects, as I enter Boston’s entrepreneurial community and attempt to find investors, clients, and partners.

Many Hats identifies, designs, deploys, and distributes market-breaking technologies and innovations.

Market-breaking involves not merely shifting a market by providing a new product that expands market size. Many Hats generates goods, services, tools, and models that submit industries to profound creative destruction, forcing entrenched firms from complacency while lifting new entrants to the fore of a newfound frontier. One example of a market-breaking technology: widespread file-sharing tools, which continue to rock the music industry even today, inspiring competitors to find new ways of connecting with consumers.

So how does Many Hats break markets? Let’s look at some of our current projects:

WikiStudies: Research publishing enjoys the comforts of a structural bottleneck. Credibility is dictated by editors and small groups of reviewers, who attempt to filter the signal from the noise in research. But if there’s anything we’ve learned from the evolution of journalism amid the rise of services like Twitter, it’s that you don’t need dedicated teams to filter material, item by item. The community is more than happy to provide feedback and organize material, so that a service need only provide the tools for the community to more effectively help itself generate, consume, rate, and share content. Many elements within the research community are desperate for a service like this: disenfranchised students whose research is ignored for lack of credentials, professors with ground-breaking finds whose research is denied publication time and time again for being too jarring and different, and laymen who want a better way to find and review first-hand research than purchasing costly journal subscriptions. By developing an open platform for research publication, organization, reviewal, collaboration, sharing, and consumption, we can blow the market wide open.

Open Teaching: [fill in later]

For the People (formerly Open Source Democracy): [fill in later]

Resumoid: [fill in later]

Broome Academy: [fill in later]