I make games as a hobby. Tabletop ones for the most part, but I’m no stranger to designing video games, simulations, and system models. I grew up with Dungeons and Dragons, and eventually decided to try my hand at this pen-and-paper business. Several years later, game design remains one of my most useful hobbies. You’d be surprised how much it spills over into economics, sociology, psychology, politics, rhetoric… Lots of places. I love doing it.

The “Dragon” Series

A series of games meant to exemplify the social and creative side of role-playing games, over the number-jockey aspects that systems like Dungeons and Dragons focus on. They are also the first games I ever completed, and all accidentally named after something related to D&D. Using minimal materials (often none at all) and lightweight rules, each of the Dragon series draws the players into a very different mode of storytelling, and a uniquely satisfying kind of gaming.

  • A Dragon Appears
  • All Dragons Must Die
  • Dirge of Dragons


A chess-like game played on a typical chess (or checkers) board, but without the uniformity of such games. By assigning point values to different kinds of pieces, players build their respective forces before beginning play, then duke it out with their customized armies.


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