Reviewing New Year’s Resolutions


This has gone fairly well. I didn’t notify work about a day I was taking off, which wasn’t the smoothest move, but luckily I have the best job ever, so with time, diligence, and good attendance, my sins are being forgiven. I have a few emails on my to-do list, but I’m using my time much more efficiently than I was this time last year. I still have a long ways to go, but I’m getting there.


I show up to work on time every day. I stay longer than I need to because I seriously love this job. I find myself still late to some meetings, but I never expected to fix this issue in a month. For example, I’m reviewing my resolutions a full half-month late.


In January, I read I, Lucifer, Storm of Swords, and I’m now in the process of devouring A Friend of the Earth. The biggest thing about the Kindle that I notice isn’t that it makes reading any easier; it makes finding and purchasing new books easier, which means I am never stuck with a bad read.


This has become a considerably bigger project than I realized, after writing out what exactly Resumoid is and what it does and how it does it. Simply put, my skills aren’t up to the task — yet. That’s why I’m focusing my off-hours on building a quality website for my church, St. James Episcopal. Our current site is hand-coded HTML; my rebuild is Django on the backend, Twitter Bootstrap up front.


I’m pledging money to my church for the moment (which is in turn disseminated around the city and abroad). Later this month, I’ll start giving through Kiva. I like giving to my church because it goes directly to the people in my community. I like giving to Kiva because, in the same way, it goes directly to the people who need it; no middle men siphoning their cut without my say-so.


30% of my post-tax income now goes into savings. I have yet to open up a retirement account, though. That will probably come after some other big changes in my living situation (like moving into a room with insulation, and switching banks.)


I found a bank that, following a trio of absurdly simple stipulations, promises 2% interest. That’s only slightly lower than inflation, and hundreds of times better than what you’ll get from most banks. The kicker is that it has a big minimum balance requirement to avoid a monthly maintenance fee, so I’m saving up to beat the requirement. I’ll be switching over later this month.


What do you think?

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