New Year’s Resolutions

Devyn asked me last night, "What are your resolutions for the new year?" I had none, as it turned out, so I spent the night — inbetween glasses of champagne and rum-infused fruit smoothies — composing a few.

Stay Organized
Historically, I’ve had a really hard time staying organized. I forget when things are planned, I lose documents, etc. I’ve made huge strides in the last year towards this goal by putting my events and obligations on Google Calendar, or by maintaining a to-do list on my phone, or by checking for directions the day before an event, rather than the day of. But I can still do better: I can reply to emails sooner, I can spend less time on Reddit and Facebook, I can put more of my events on my calendar, and I can organize paper materials into folders (or otherwise tag and store them better).

Be On Time
I am frequently late, and it frustrates the hell out of me. I can check directions to places the day before I’m supposed to be somewhere (or earlier), and I can leave earlier than Google tells me to. I can set alarms for not just when I need to wake up, but when I need to leave or sleep.

Read More Books
Most of what I read in 2011 came out of The Economist, Reason, or David Friedman’s The Machinery of Freedom, which pushed me over the hump from social capitalism into full-blown anarcho-capitalism. This is not enough reading. I got a Kindle, which I intend to use to realize this goal more easily. My friend Chris remarked about e-readers something to the effect of, "You will be helpless in your efforts to not read."

Prototype Resumoid
I’ve talked up a storm about Resumoid in person, and yet it remains without a prototype. I intend to fix this. I started from scratch on the plane back to Boston, given all the changes the project has gone through over the past few months, so I’ve got fertile soil both intellectually and in my code going into 2012.

Give Money
I gave money on a monthly basis to a foreign aid foundation until recently, when my financial situation was tight enough that I couldn’t. Now that I’m employed, I should find a charity (or charities) whose work I believe is good, and donate to them regularly.

Start Saving for Retirement
The concept of retirement weirds me out. Why would I ever want to not work? I don’t know why, but I’ll give Future Me the benefit of the doubt and begin saving, in case he thinks it’s a better idea than I do.

Switch Banks
I’ve used Bank of America since I got my debit card at 16, but increasingly I disagree with BoA’s ethics and structure. Moreover, I disagree with the regulatory structure surrounding the financial industry, so I’d rather keep my money away from institutions that not only benefit from it, but who have a large hand in shaping it. I’ve done some research into other banks, but not enough yet to make a decision.

I’ve put a note on my calendar a month from now to check in on how I’m doing with these goals. I don’t expect to suddenly turn over a new leaf, but as long as I keep at it, I’ll keep progressing.

Happy 2012, Internet!


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