Skin Color

I don’t really like the term “African American.” What if your ancestors were from India, and that’s where you get your dark skin? What if you’re not an American? Why can’t someone just be American? It seems silly to me to make such a big deal over the color of someone’s skin, especially when 1.) We’re trying to make it, in many ways, less of a big deal, and 2.) There are so many better words for black people’s skin colors, and skin color in general.

First off, very few people are actually black. At best, they’re a light ebony. Most of the time, people with pretty much any melanin fall somewhere in the range of delicious chocolate, or alternatively coffee and its many varieties. The less melanin you have, the more you approach flavorful spices (typified by brown sugar), bread before baking, and eventually, yogurt.

I find it both inaccurate and boring to categorize people into all too few colors. In some ways, the use of categories at all is frustrating. Why does someone need to be black or white? Hell, why do they even need to be either milk chocolate or mocha? Why not both? Why not whatever the hell you’re so inclined to identify with?

I suppose what I’m getting at is that people of all colors are some shade of delicious, and that discussions of these colors inevitably make me hungry.


What do you think?

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