I’m famous! Thanks, General Social Sciences!

UO Admissions wrote about me!
It’s a very flattering profile, though I’ll have you know, I didn’t invent four languages. I invented languages for four years before beginning formal study of linguistics, whereupon I supplemented my hobby of language design with arguing with my professors about language design. The actual number of languages I invented is a hard question to answer, because they all bleed into each other. I recall Myeket, Ajvic, Hwakimla, Hovhing, and Pace (pa-che), but there were also tons of intermediary forms and partial projects that never really got beyond the concept stage. For the first half of my career making languages, everything I made sounded like Russian.

If you’re here because my General Social Sciences profile linked you to the site, welcome! GSS is a great major, but be warned, employers are wary of generalist majors, because at too many schools “generalist” means “slacker.” I work 60 hours weeks generally (because I work two jobs and am otherwise a busy person, not because of the major), so I can assure you “slacker’ is inappropriate here. If you are interested in a broad swathe of things, and have the abstract intelligence to leverage that broad perspective into a more enlightened world view, then GSS is right for you. If you’ve got any questions about the major, don’t hesitate to shoot me an email or leave a comment, and I’ll be happy to answer as best I can.



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