Recent Developments

I’m the SBG’s new webmaster, apparently. I’ve made business cards proclaiming it, which you can see here. There’s five designs, but I’ll probably only be using one or two at most.

I switched majors again. This time into a new major called “General Social Sciences” with a concentration in “Business, Economics, and Society.” It’s a new major — so new that the system for adding it as your major isn’t complete yet. GSS is now my fourth attempted major.

So why the switch? Because GSS is a significantly smaller major than Business, meaning I’ll be able to graduate a full year sooner, at the end of 2011. That’s some $10k I won’t be spending on tuition. Moreover, the broad base of GSS means I’ll spend a lot more time thinking (my favorite thing to do) and a lot less time becoming a skilled robot, a problem that I’m working with a fistful of business professors to solve.

I’m slowly composing my thoughts on liberal vs technical education, but for the moment let me say, each is critical, and in lots of current implementations (such as UO’s English major vs Business major), they forget the value each offers the other.

I met with a UO Prof yesterday to discuss DSC240, a course currently about spreadsheets, and a proposal I made to radically alter its design. He liked it, but disagreed with roughly half of my suggestions for various reasons, and reasons I mostly ended up agreeing with. For example, I proposed the course take on a significant writing component, but how in the hell are you going to grade that when DSC240 only has one professor and some 400-500 students? On the other hand, he loved the topics I suggested the curriculum ought revolve around, and was intrigued by the idea of an open-source textbook. He’ll be keeping me in the loop regarding DSC240 developments, tap me for ideas and comments, and indicated plenty of my proposal would likely show up in DSC240’s next iteration. I consider that a massive success — now how to put it on my resume…

After we talked, I set up a meeting with the undergraduate dean of business students to discuss a proposal for changing the business minor, for changing the pre-business program, and for changing how the business college assigns grades. That happens Friday. Wish me luck!

All these chats with professors have landed me some fantastic contacts, such as various undergrad advisory committees to faculty, etc. that I really really need to follow up with. Somehow I find time to write these proposals, but when I think to myself, “I need to send off that email to UGPC!” I decide calculus is more important. Damnable calculus.

Speaking of calculus, I have to go take a quiz. Grrr calculus.


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