E-Club Elections

The LCB’s Entrepreneurship Club elections are tonight. I’m running for webmaster, and have been coordinating with the current webmaster about future developments. I’m mostly familiar with website frameworks like WordPress (which this site is built in) and Drupal, along with their constituent languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. I’ve dabbled in other frameworks, such as Django, which the current e-club site is built in, and I’m studying up on it so that, whoever wins the position, I can help make the site better. I should note, this post is basically me prepping myself for the speech I have to make to the e-club in, uh, 45 minutes.

I’ve built several websites in the past, including blogs for myself and friends, sites for friends’ political campaigns, business projects and nonprofits we started, and for my company, Sage Marmoset Productions, which provides tech services and consulting. For example, I worked with John Helmer Haberdasher in downtown Portland to advise them on improving their inventory system. As far as tech experience beyond my own entrepreneurship, I’ve worked for the Catlin Gabel tech team, maintaining the school’s various computer systems, as a support technician for HP, and as a CIT grader here at the UO. CIT, by the way, is Computer Information Technology, otherwise known as web technology. If you’ve taken a CIT course recently, I was probably the one grading your projects. These kinds of tasks require intimate knowledge of the material at hand. As for academic strength, Wendy Mitchell, the undergraduate dean of business students, recommended me to Ron Bramhall, director of the Business Honors Program, to apply for his program based purely on the quality and eloquence of a proposal I’d made to change DSC240 and the Business Minor program. Ron, likewise, has expressed great interest in getting me into the program, though my long and winding academic history hurts my case. I assure you: I am an intelligent, driven, and compassionate man, even if I didn’t always understand what grades were good for.

I think I’m a dandy fit to become the e-club’s new webmaster, both because of my web experience and technical expertise, and because of my entrepreneurial aspirations.

I think that’s not an awful speech. Wish me luck!


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