Presenting WikiStudies

I’m presenting on WikiStudies to the University of Oregon’s Entrepreneurship Club for their Bring Your Own Business competition. You can see the presentation here, and read my project outline here. There’s $50 if I win.

The short of WikiStudies is that it’s a wiki-like site where researchers can freely publish their studies, and provide and receive peer reviews to and from other researchers. This outright eliminates publisher bias, which has contributed to the suppression of a number of very important studies, and foments superior scientific rigor and transparency by submitting studies to not just five or ten peer reviewers, but hundreds of them. Additional services in the form of votes, citations, and tagging allow studies to be sorted, organized, and filtered for easy consumption, making the whole body of scientific knowledge, and the process by which it grows, more accessible. The science and grad folks I’ve talked to have said this sort of service is critical but lacking currently, and I’ve read more than a handful of papers by serious business scientists who want to leverage the power of crowdsourced content generation for the good of knowledge. I owe everyone I’ve talked to, and everyone I’ve read about, a huge thanks for helping me develop and improve the concept of WikiStudies — particularly the New Yorker’s article on The Decline Effect, which is what originally gave me the idea.

To get WikiStudies off the ground, I need programmers. I’m working with the Computer Information Technology department to try and get an internship program off the ground (CIT 404: Internship was authorized as a course earlier this term, but we still need to cut through the red tape to make it real), so I can hire students and pay them with course credit. The experience of making the internship program work will in turn feed me with information needed to refine InternFinder into a successful service.  One hand washes the other.

And that’s it for now. Thanks for reading!


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